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BioTrust Leptiburn vs RealDose Nutrition (Weight Loss Formula No. 1) – Which One Is Best?

BioTrust Leptiburn and RealDose Nutrition’s Weight Loss Formula No. 1 are too hugely popular products on the market to assist people in losing weight. Both do this through a supplement that is full of ingredients that are said to aid weight loss in general. I am generally weary of taking any kind of supplements, mainly because I don’t feel there is sufficient transparency in what I am actually taking. Furthermore, I do not believe there is actually a pill out there that is able to make you magically lose weight. However, both Leptiburn and Weigh Loss Formula No. 1 make no such claims, stating that the supplements are there only to assist in your own weight loss efforts. Furthermore, both are very open and honest about their ingredients. I was impressed with both and was left with having to decide which one was best. In order to do so, I had to compare one versus the other, and these are my findings.

Overall Feelings

Leptiburn bottleRealdose bottle
BioTrust LeptiburnRealDose Nutrition’s Weight Loss Formula No. 1
The logo is colorful and interesting, which is something that made me highly interested.The logo is bland, using just green and blue, which didn’t fill me with confidence.
The ingredients are clearly listed, which made me feel more confident about the product.The ingredients are clearly listed, which made me feel more confident about the product.
It is unclear how the product was tested.The product has gone through clinical trials, including human trials.

At first look, I have to say that although BioTrust Leptiburn looks better, RealDose Nutrition’s Weight Loss Formula No. 1 seems to be the better and more trustworthy of the two.


BioTrust LeptiburnRealDose Nutrition’s Weight Loss Formula No. 1
One bottle costs $69, but if more bottles are purchased, a discount is applied. With an order of three bottles, the cost is $59 per bottle. With an order of six bottles, the cost is $49 per bottle.One bottle costs $67, but discounts are also available for bulk purchases. Three bottles therefore cost $179, which amounts to a saving of $22. Six bottles cost $327, which amounts to a saving of $75.
Each order comes with a book full of recipes for bat burning smoothies.There are now freebies with your purchase.
It comes with a 100% money back guarantee for one year.It comes with a 3 in 1 guarantee. This means that you receive ID theft protection, purchase guarantee as well as lowest price guarantee.

The User Experience

Leptiburn logoRealDose Nutrition Logo
BioTrust LeptiburnRealDose Nutrition’s Weight Loss Formula No. 1
You need to take two Leptiburn capsules first thing in the morning and wait 30 minutes before eating. You then have to take two more in the middle afternoon, at least two hours after eating and half an hour before eating the next meal.You need to take one capsule three times a day, before a meal.
It is not advised to take this product within six hours of going to be, as it contains caffeine, which make sit unsuitable for people with a caffeine intolerance.The product does not contain any stimulants. Even the coffee extract that is included in the product is caffeine free.
The product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.The product is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those on a gluten free diet.

I suppose that for some people, particularly those that are on a gluten free diet, RealDose Nutrition is actually the better product. Added to that the fact that BioTrust is a stimulant, RealDose again comes out on top.

The Ingredients

Leptiburn ingredientsRealdose ingredients
BioTrust LeptiburnRealDose Nutrition’s Weight Loss Formula No. 1
Irvingia Gabonensis. This is a West Africa fruit, known locally as the “bush mango”. The seed of this fruit has been used in local recipes for soup for thousands of years. In the population of Cameroon, where the fruit is from, there are almost no incidences of heart disease or obesity. This lead to the start of research into its properties.

Leptin sensitivity is increased by 52% by taking Irvingia Gambonesis. In turn, human trials have shown an increase in leptin to lead to weight loss. It also stops the blood cells from absorbing as much fat, increases sensitivity to insulin and interferes with the way our body absorbs sugar.
A blend of Dolichos Biflorus seed extract and Piper Betle Leaf. These have been shown to increase adiponectin, which turns fat cells into energy and suppressed appetite.
Oleanolic acid, which is an extract of the leaves of the olive tree. This stimulates the gut peptide by 48%. Increasing these levels makes leptin more effective. Furthermore, they work synergistically to reduce appetite and break down fat.Decaffeinated green coffee bean from Madagascar, which stops fat from forming and stops the body from making sugar.
Brown seaweed extract, which comes for the coast of Iceland and has been FDA and GMP approved. This has been proven to stimulate the thyroid, which in turn increases the production of leptin. Furthermore, it is full of Fucoxanthin, which has great anti-obesity properties.Rhodolio Rosea, which helps to release cortisol. Cortisol helps in weight loss and combats stress.
Panax Notoginseng, which is a traditional Chinese herb. It is used in the treatment of a range of diseases.
Green Tea and Yerba Mate, which are a source of caffeine. Green tea has been demonstrated again and again to aid in weight loss. In terms of Yerba Mate, scientific research has demonstrated that it works to assist weight loss as well.

Clearly, both have fantastic ingredients, each backed by scientific research. Although some people may like the fact that Weight Loss Formula No. 1 does not contain caffeine, others will find that it is caffeine that provides them with the energy to work out. Weight Loss Formula No. 1 also works as a stress reliever, which some people will find beneficial. Other people will find that their increased energy and weight loss will automatically make them feel better. Hence, it is very hard to choose between the two.

Hopefully, comparing the two side by side will have helped you to come to a decision yourself.

Which One Is For Me?